Space hire HK$320 per hour (incl. free drinks & snacks) | 空間租用每小時$320港元 (飮品及小食供免費享用)



1. Kindly take care of the furniture, fixtures and equipment at A’Hub. Compensation is warranted for any damages.

2. Any drinks (non-alcoholic) and/or snacks provided by A’Hub to our visitors are for onsite consumption only. All alcoholic drinks are prohibited onsite at A'Hub.   

3. All visitors should ensure the safety of their belongings. A’Hub does not assume any responsibilities for any loss or damages.  

4. A’Hub has the rights to use any activities' photos, videos and related information for marketing purposes.

5. A’Hub has the rights to adjust payment at any time without notification.  

6. A’Hub maintains the rights to make any amendments to the terms & conditions herein.

7. A’Hub explanation will prevail for any discrepancies of the terms & conditions herein.

8. All visitors are required to follow the terms & conditions herein.


9. All activities should commence on time and there will be no compensation of time for any lateness. 

10. All activity representatives are required to notify A’Hub at least 48 hours in advance of the commencement of activity for any change in arrangement (e.g. cancellation). Otherwise, no session compensation (i.e. time or payment) would be considered.


11. Compensation of time (if any) is required to be taken within 30 calendar days of the original scheduled day(s). 

12. A’Hub reserves the rights to any re-arrangement of time and venue for the activity.


13. Payment in full upon reservation can be paid via the following methods: Cash, Cheque, PayPal (with reference “waCba Corporation Limited”) and EPS. 

14. Please DO NOT SEND CASH BY POST. A’Hub will not be responsible for any loss of payment sent by mail.

15. Cheque should be addressed to “waCba Corporation Limited” or “唯比天高有限公司”. Post-dated cheque will not be accepted.

16. Upon payment completion, it cannot be refunded or transferred. Please retain A’Hub payment invoice/receipt for your own record. 


17. When signal or warning is Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above or Black Rainstorm Signal, visitors should remain in a safe condition.

18. All scheduled and in progress activities will be stopped or cancelled. A’Hub will arrange for compensation of time where appropriate.

a. If the lowering of such signal occurred after 2:00pm, all scheduled activities will be stopped or cancelled. 

b. If the lowering of such signal occurred on or before 2:00pm, all schedule activities will be resumed after 2 hours of lowering the signal.